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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Skincare Blogging...

... now I love blogging don't get me wrong and I love my 8, well actually 7 followers as I have miraculously managed to follow myself??  But how to make a successful, interesting and inspiring blog as I am trying to do and get readers engaged?  At the moment Ive been a little lazy, I have no idea whats going on with me but Ive been busy doing not very much and am becoming completely demotivated since the end of uni, so this is my self kick up the butt to get myself into action.
I love blogging in general for a whole host of reasons: they are inspiring and also a great way to get opinions and insight on a whole host of things.  Blogs I tend to follow and read are anything to do with beauty, fashion or crafty/artsy things, but what I am finding is that a lot of my favourite bloggers seem to blog about exactly the same things, like they go to the same events etc... so they get the same freebies/gifts or are sent similar products to review, and as much as I love hearing various opinions about the same things it does make me sigh when I see the same stuff coming up on my news feed.
So I bet your wondering where does the skin care tag come into all of this?  Basically, although as much as I hate hearing about the same products, I wouldn't have knowledge about half of the fantastic products that have made their way into my routine if I hadn't started blogging.  I have always been a great believer in looking after your skin as I think its really important to love the skin your in, after all you have it for life.  So I have never minded at all splashing a little extra cash as I really do think in terms of most products you get what you pay for.  Ive also been through the skin care mill probably like most as I had acne in my teens, which has left me with a little but rather unnoticeable scarring thanks to my skin care miracle: my freckles, which hide a multitude of sins.  My common problems with skincare are my sensitivity and combination skin, meaning I am prone to dry and oily areas, its all about finding the right balance without finding anything too harsh to do this.

Now don't be alarmed at the amount of stuff I have: I get a lot of stick already!

 Im not going to go through everything in full detail now, I might do in future posts as all my products I obviously don't use at once *wow that would be lengthly* I use them all at different times whether it be day/night, in several combinations and frequencies throughout a weekly/monthly period.

What I haven't included on here is the No.7 skincare range which I blogged about previously here and I was raving about it back in February and after I used up the minis I did re purchase the day/night moisturisers and another melting gel cleaner.  But after a comprehensive test of a few months I can honestly say I won't be repurchasing from the beautiful skin range again.  So when the pots are empty I will do a full review as to my reasons why.  Having said that I still do love No.7 so it is by no means a bashing of their products it will just be my honest opinions in relation to my skin type which may be of some use to others.


  1. so many lovely products :) I really want to try out more soap & glory and clinique products. they seem to be great!
    in btw your blog is really really nice, dear. keep up the great work! :))

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  2. You have the Caudalie beauty spray!
    SO jealous of you