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Monday, 30 July 2012

RayBan love

Untitled #5

I love Ray Ban's, they are absolutely timeless and I have yearned for a pair for years.  I'm not particularly overly hooked on designer labels but I think any wardrobe can benefit from some classic staple pieces/accessories.  The problem I always have is what style to choose aviator or wayfarer?  Last year I took the plunge to purchase and came away empty handed, still unable to make a decision.  So after choosing a pair of cheaper alternatives in both styles I can honestly say the winner is the wayfarer! These classic black frames with a colourful twist on the inner are my new wants :) !
You can find them here at  
A bargain at £80!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Miss Selfridge wants...

After a mini shopping excursion today I am totally in love 
with this burgundy dress I think £37 is a bit steep which is 
the only thing that out me off but I think its a great transitional
 piece from now into A/W. Also the triangular necklace is 
AMAZING it looks like a spider when its on and is a 
refreshing take on the spiked ones that seem to be on 
everyone at the minute
Miss Selfridge wants...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

All used up...

... I love these kinds of posts as its a great way to review a selection of products after a good usage... of the entire thing of course. So things I have used up this month:

  •  Caudalie beauty elixir- I'm not going to bore you with a massive in depth review as you're probably sick of hearing about it but I really did like it and can say It has benefited my complexion. I purchased the 30ml bottle as it was cheaper and I didn't want to commit to the £32 spend of the 100ml one.  It seemed to last me a decent length of time to say I used it everyday, as a couple of spritzes hydrated, calmed and refreshed my skin leaving it smooth and refined.  I do miss it (as I am currently experiencing a horrific break out and I am not sure if it has anything to do with this being absent in my routine) and I would purchase the larger bottle as it works out more cost effective, having said that though I am yet to part with the cash.
  • Dove visible effects body lotion supreme moisture multi layer complex- Now this is a bit of a cheat as it isn't technically used up...I am binning it because it's horrible it leaves me feeling sticky all day and never seems to completely sink into the skin.  I normally love Dove products it has the usual lovely Dove fragrance but a slightly gel/lotion consistency does not get on with my skin at all.
  • Clarisonic gentle hydro cleanser for all skin types-  This is the freebie cleanser that came with my Clarisonic Mia, it has taken me forever to use it as I just didn't see it benefit my skin at all and I much prefer to use one of my own specifically for my own skin type.
  • Herbal Essences tousle me softly conditioner for wavy hair- I don't use any special hair products as such but my products of choice have been Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for a long time.  My hair can get rather greasy in between washes but this stuff balances me out perfectly so I only tend to wash my hair 2-3 times a week.  Also it smells scrumptious! However  I've cut my longer locks to more a mid length it tends to be falling rather straight so I have just recently switched to the curly one to see if I can help encourage my natural waves to come back.
  • No 7 Beautiful skin melting gel cleanser- (No picture sorry it was chucked before I decided on this post but you can see it here.) Now as things tend to change over time, my 'cannot recommend' enough tag has differed somewhat and now I have ventured further into the world of skincare.  Only since I have started taking a more avid interest in blogging has my skin care expanded, and my use of products was fairly limited when I discovered this cleanser.  My thoughts on it now are that although it is a great dislodger of makeup (after fairly intensive rubbing and you have to add a little water to get it moving but not too much as it turns into a useless milky substance), it never completely removes it or leaves my skin feeling clean.  Although I tend to double cleanse anyway if I'm wearing makeup I prefer something like my Bioderma solution its quicker and does at least make my skin feel cleansed.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Skincare Blogging...

... now I love blogging don't get me wrong and I love my 8, well actually 7 followers as I have miraculously managed to follow myself??  But how to make a successful, interesting and inspiring blog as I am trying to do and get readers engaged?  At the moment Ive been a little lazy, I have no idea whats going on with me but Ive been busy doing not very much and am becoming completely demotivated since the end of uni, so this is my self kick up the butt to get myself into action.
I love blogging in general for a whole host of reasons: they are inspiring and also a great way to get opinions and insight on a whole host of things.  Blogs I tend to follow and read are anything to do with beauty, fashion or crafty/artsy things, but what I am finding is that a lot of my favourite bloggers seem to blog about exactly the same things, like they go to the same events etc... so they get the same freebies/gifts or are sent similar products to review, and as much as I love hearing various opinions about the same things it does make me sigh when I see the same stuff coming up on my news feed.
So I bet your wondering where does the skin care tag come into all of this?  Basically, although as much as I hate hearing about the same products, I wouldn't have knowledge about half of the fantastic products that have made their way into my routine if I hadn't started blogging.  I have always been a great believer in looking after your skin as I think its really important to love the skin your in, after all you have it for life.  So I have never minded at all splashing a little extra cash as I really do think in terms of most products you get what you pay for.  Ive also been through the skin care mill probably like most as I had acne in my teens, which has left me with a little but rather unnoticeable scarring thanks to my skin care miracle: my freckles, which hide a multitude of sins.  My common problems with skincare are my sensitivity and combination skin, meaning I am prone to dry and oily areas, its all about finding the right balance without finding anything too harsh to do this.

Now don't be alarmed at the amount of stuff I have: I get a lot of stick already!

 Im not going to go through everything in full detail now, I might do in future posts as all my products I obviously don't use at once *wow that would be lengthly* I use them all at different times whether it be day/night, in several combinations and frequencies throughout a weekly/monthly period.

What I haven't included on here is the No.7 skincare range which I blogged about previously here and I was raving about it back in February and after I used up the minis I did re purchase the day/night moisturisers and another melting gel cleaner.  But after a comprehensive test of a few months I can honestly say I won't be repurchasing from the beautiful skin range again.  So when the pots are empty I will do a full review as to my reasons why.  Having said that I still do love No.7 so it is by no means a bashing of their products it will just be my honest opinions in relation to my skin type which may be of some use to others.