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Saturday, 22 September 2012


... ok so as every fashion/style/beauty blogger tends to do I am inflicting a spending ban upon myself.  I do feel as though I have enough clothes/ makeup to last me through the winter season (or a lifetime) & should I feel the desperate necessity for anything I could put in a few cheeky requests for birthday & christmas!
I have everything a girl could want and need and I have got myself caught in a very flamboyant way of expenditure.  So today I paid off all my debts, which has subsequently left me a little poor, but any monies now is to only be spent on resources for my final year of uni & obvious necessities (saving for christmas pressies :) ).  Proud? I think so.  So here's to the new me, I am determined not to stray after I have a new phone sorted and thats it!  Has anyone else felt the need to curb their spending habits?