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Friday, 24 February 2012

eeeek I couldn't help it!

Ok ok so I have gone & made a tiny weeny purchase, but I am going to Paris soon so I do want to look tres chic for my little trip. So I have been searching high & low for some reasonably priced straight legged coloured jeans (they are all skinny & they don't suit my petit pear shaped frame at all, they make me look like a chunky monkey) but in the end I've just found these babies :)
Straight leg tie dye & pink, with a gorgeous little zip detail. I will hopefully be teaming them with these fiercely amazing pumps
So excited: need to stop spending!!

Monday, 20 February 2012


..... as I have curbed my spending habits on fashion for the time being I seem to have taken to spring cleaning my beauty regime.  I always love to try something new especially if it has been well reviewed from a reliable source, so as my beloved Garnier BB cream was running low and I had a £5 No7 voucher, compliments of my Beautiful skin mini trio, I decided to give theirs a whirl.  I haven't tried it as of yet so ill perhaps post a comparison when I do.  I'm a bit of a No7 convert at the minute this particular range is amazing and seems to be working incredibly on my skin.  I have picked the normal/dry combination for my skin but it also caters to other types too.  The Day/Night creams feel lovely they aren't too oily on the skin just leaving it perfectly hydrated making a great base for makeup.  The Cleaning lotion provides a surprisingly delicate but deep clean for the skin, I was shocked at the impurities coming out onto the cotton wool pad even after washing my face with my usual face wash.  This spurred me on to try the Melting Gel Cleanser as I began to wonder about the effectiveness of my usual product.  The cleanser exits the tube as a gel, turns to an oil on the skin and then washes off almost like a milk.  So genius as it once again provides great results leaving your skin perfect.  I can not rate this Beautiful Skin range enough it just feels so lovely and smells good too!

Before bed blogging....

 .... so before I curl up with my kindle and enter the land of nod I wanted to share a few things.  Firstly my gorgeous flowers!!  Although I like to think that me and my fella show our appreciation, affection and adoration for one another the other 364 days of the year it is a nice to have a little bit of something on that most 'romantic' of days.  Behold my beautiful bouquet....  Made up byView Blog my personal florist, my mum :) They both know me so well, as its very reminiscent of the Liberty bouquet I kept banging on about.

So if you like please support their business via their little Facebook page linked below!

Really awful photo doesn't do it justice really

Monday, 13 February 2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012

New obsessions...

... so its been months & I haven't posted again ooopsie.  Maybe ill be more dedicated in the summer when I have some time on my hands.At the moment I'm extremely excited with all the spring/summer collections surfacing in the shops, the only thing thats holding me back from a mega splurge is the weather.  It may look sunny but its freezing here not good for sheer blouses, printed vest or pastel shorts just yet.  So I'm hanging on but there is some beautiful stuff out there.  Also being a fashion student I've had my hands on images of the current runway collections for ages so its great to see them in the glossy editorials, Vogue has been extremely pretty for the last 3 months!  So new my new obsession is: black milk clothing! Ive heard about them for ages as I follow a few you tubers who are massive fans but only just had a sneak peek at their website and I love it!!

 I know perhaps the look is slightly contradictory to my spring/summer excitement, but although they are more grungy I do think that Black Milk have a distinctively unique fun edge, which I love and can be perfect for any time of year (like now for example with the transitional period we are going through weather wise) This also answers the question to where Kat von D's quirky leggings came from which she frequently sports on Instagram.  Personally I prefer the skirt version but wouldn't mind either way if any of these lovelies were to make their way into my wardrobe.