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Friday, 16 November 2012

Ok so I have been really good...

... and in nearly two months I don't think I've bought anything that I don't really need, and I have completely changed my views on clothing due to deep investigative research into my final major project and dissertation concepts at uni.  So I'm deciding to stop conforming to the constant buzz of the high street and invest my money better and elsewhere.  I am quite keen to turn my fashion expenditure spending habits towards that of smaller ethical or sustainable brands and the one hot on my list is Antithesis.  Their carry on closet capsule collection is amazing, completely original and innovative you can have a neb here  I just think that this sort of thinking should really be at the forefront of the fashion industry not only is it a complete breath of fresh air in terms of design, but the fashion industry is currently locked in an unsustainable cycle that is generating huge amounts of waste.
So ill be doing my bit by putting these lovelies next on my shopping list, if I should feel the urge for something new:

  • The multi-way piece.  It doesn't look like much but looks can be deceiving.  Its actually 7 garments in one so its pretty versatile.  I could wear it everyday of the week creating a completely different look each time.  Actually that's not a bad idea... check if don't believe me

  • The two-piece blouse.  I just think the design is lovely, clean, classical and contemporary just how you want this wardrobe staple to be.  It can be worn two ways with or without sleeves and with a variation of two collars.  A great transitional piece through the seasons perhaps?

So what do you think?  Any food for thought?

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